Thursday, January 24, 2008

Winter Working Meeting Overview

Hello Cyberspacers!

I am really looking forward to welcoming all of you to Minnesota in just a very few days now -- Per the request of a number of you who decided that if you're going to Minnesota it might as well be REALLY cold, I've tried my best to get the big thermostat turned down. No guaranty, but it might actually be a cold-spell next Thursday, so bring a good coat. (And, remember that you'll have cars and busses for most everything you need to do, so don't be overly worried, OK?)

Here is our current draft of the meeting detail for the upcoming Winter Working Meeting here in Minneapolis. You'll note it's set up in the new format Lisa and I discussed with you a few weeks back -- Friday is "Project Day" and Saturday morning is reserved for more traditional subcommittees.

I need any of you who are shown here as being responsible for any of these meetings to get back to Lisa and I with any changes you want made to your project names or descriptions. (In a few cases there are no descriptions, so please help us to fill them in if you are in charge of such a project.)

For those of you who were looking to schedule a traditional subcommittee meeting on Saturday AM, look to see if we've accommodated you. If you did need to meet as a subcommittee (and we have not scheduled you), please let us know quickly. If we have set you up for a slot for your Saturday subcommittee meeting, look at whatever description we've provided and comment accordingly if changes are desired.

Finally -- Look at all of the things that are happening at the same time. We tried to guess how to avoid significant conflicts of projects happening at the same time which should be at two different times, but no doubt there are going to be concerns you can raise on that point. Let us know, and we'll see if we can figure out a fix.

There are still some open slots -- In particular, we have not scheduled the 'big' room at all for breakouts, so we've got more room here (i.e., 2 more project slots and one more subcommittee slot). Given the projected number of attendees (and our recollections of how the last few WWMs went), we're actually thinking that maxing out at about 4-5 slots at a concurrent time is the right number. Still, if a case can be made for expanding that we're all ears.

Finally, please understand as always that Lisa and I will be working our darndest to accommodate what we can, but there are still laws of physics and the like that must be obeyed. In other words, if we come to a conclusion that we're going to have to do something in some particular way, I'm hoping that we'll all live with it, learn how to do this better next time, and move on.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE -- Let us know of your requests for changes by end-of-business on Friday (a/k/a tomorrow!).



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