Friday, January 18, 2008

Agenda for IP Subcommittee at the Winter Working Meeting

The 2008 Winter Working Meeting is only a week away!

We wanted to follow up on our last e-mail from November to give you a brief glimpse of what will be happening in Minneapolis next week:

You should have received by now the November 2007 issue of The Business Lawyer, which contains the Annual Survey of Cyberspace Law. Both John and Kristine devoted a lot of time last year to preparing the Overview of 2006 Cyberspace IP-related cases. The Cyberspace Committee would like to make this an annual contribution, and we are looking for Subcommittee members who would like to see their names in print. Start collecting your nominations for 2007 Cyberspace IP cases now and either bring them with you to the meeting or e-mail them to us ahead of time. We will compile them and spend some time discussing them in Minneapolis as we have in past years at the Winter Working Meeting. This will serve both as a useful review of 2007 Cyberspace IP case law developments as well as getting more people involved in this project.

We will also spend some time discussing possible new projects, so bring any thoughts, suggestions or problems that need some work with you (or send them to us via e-mail ahead of time). Some thoughts include:
  • The advent of social networking and its implications on web development; including, how open source is being integrated into more development platforms to encourage community development efforts. If others are interested in delving more deeply into open source issues as related to social networking, we will discuss project and program possibilities;
  • Digitization of currently available works (for instance, the taking and display of digital photos of historically significant works) and whether or not these newly digitized works are mere copies of the underlying work, or are derivatives, or something else, and the implications on copyright term. We are interested to hear if anyone is currently addressing these sorts of issues in their practice, and how they are dealing with them;
  • Possible discussion or program or article on common errors, misconceptions, etc. in cease and desist letters. All you have to do is take a look at to see what we mean;
Inevitably, new topics will be proposed and discussed, either from our Subcommittee or as they are thrown out from other subcommittees.

CIPerati (the IP Subcommittee’s electronic newsletter) is always looking for content. Typical articles are reasonably short (1,000 – 2,000 words) preferably continuing useful, practical content on Internet intellectual property topics. Content can be recycled from law firm or other organization newsletters (with permission), or can be original submissions. If you have written or have seen something that you think fits and want to see it published, you can contact Raphael Guttierrez (rguttierrez or Craig Rutenberg (crutenberg of Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP, the editors of CIPerati, or one of the co-chairs and we will pass that information on. Back issues can be viewed at

We hope to see many of you in Minneapolis.

Kristine Dorrain and John Ottaviani, Co-Chairs

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