Friday, May 04, 2007

Dvorak's Stinging Indictment of the Profession

Computer industry columnist John C. Dvorak has just published his take on the DVD decryption key case -- And he zooms his focus right on the lawyers who wrote the demand letters.

Because of the lawyers and the nasty letters, now everyone online knows how important this number must be. Boom! Now users get to work on it.

Heck of a job, lawyers.

Investors should be aware of the overall dangers the legal profession present to companies, and how its current and generalized naiveté can sink fortunes overnight. While I know of no corporation that has been bankrupted by this sort of fiasco, it will happen eventually if lawyers doesn't catch up with the times.

Or perhaps some executives should think for themselves.

Who knew that your law degree could be a weapon of mass destruction?

So, what do you think? Is Dvorak right to suggest that if not for naive but fee-hungry lawyers wielding their C&Ds with impunity that the executives never would have gone down this path? Or, would this have reached a head regardless of whether the legal profession was there to assist it? What alternative paths might have the attorneys taken? How do we factor in the role of Congress, which created the rules that the lawyers operate under?

It's your profession under fire folks. The Comment link is functional.

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