Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Make a Difference in International Internal Policy

Hal Burman and the Working Group on International Policy is a great forum for those of us who want to have input on the world stage of internet law -- He presents thoughts below on what the group will be discussing on Thursday:

The WG on International Policy (Room 154A Level 1) meeting at 4:30 Thursday will take up issues directly relevant to several Cyberspace subcommittees, some of which also meet Thursday; hopefully some attending two of the other meetings can join the 4:30 so we assure coordination.
Consumer protection (which meets at 12:00): We are asked for views by mid-April on consumer rights and e-commerce to respond to two proposals at the Organization of American States to deal with that, in particular a proposal from Canada.
Transferability of electronic assets (which meets at 1:00): we have been asked to prepare for Uncitral at the UN a short description of our views on transferability in light of current developments. Cyberspace Committee input would be needed by the end of the month or at the latest early April. This is an opportunity to promote possible UN work in this area, beyond that related to maritime cargo, if we take the lead.
Electronic payments (which meets at the same time, so this will be challenging): we were asked whether we should support an informal proposal by IMF to reexamine the Uncitral Model Law on Electronic Funds Transfers, in light of current e-commerce and other developments, and experience of the payments industry (the Model Law, used as a litmus test for countries adopting laws or regulations on EFT, was designed to be compatible with the Brussels-based SWIFT system and UCC 4A).
E-signatures and authentication: we have already passed on the views developed at the Winter Working Meeting, but need to further consider our posture on that for a UN meeting in early July. Volunteers (self-funded) to attend a UN conference in Vienna in mid-July on private commercial law featuring e-commerce as one of its main topics will be welcomed this week or anytime after.
Privacy of data: this has been raised recently as a possible UN topic in several fora. Input on whether we should support further multilateral examination of topics related to privacy, or continue to duck it, would be most helpful.

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