Saturday, March 17, 2007

Electronic Commerce Subcommittee

The Electronic Commerce Subcommittee continues to attract broad audiences for its cutting edge topics. In this Spring's meeting, we first heard a presentation from Jon Rubens regarding the soon-to-be released web site As of today the page is only open to people who are signed on with their ABA user IDs (or at least any of the links under it -- I can't test since I'm signed on), but members can certainly poke around and see it for now. The site is very nearly ready to release to the wild. We hope to have it opened up in a matter of weeks, and shortly thereafter joining in a cooperative effort with the ABA's own media relations group for purposes of really telling the whole world about this great effort.

Beyond that, the subcommittee continues to be interested in developing a body of law surrounding virtual reality gaming -- Both in terms of legal issues here in 'real space' as well as the burgeoning law within the virtual spaces. One thought is to publish an outline of legal issues that Christina Kunz has been developing since our Little Rock meeting -- Just in taking notes she has gathered over six pages of nothing but issues (no answers!). This looks like it has legs for a while...

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