Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Done in a Gliffy...

I've been pondering the growth of online 'collaboration' tools much of late (part of my work for other parts of the ABA than the CLC).

Most of the interesting stuff seems to come from outfits that get a good idea involving a little niche, which ultimately gets popular and forms a new industry in the world of the big boys. "Writely", the online word processor that allows multiple parties to play with the document online at the same time, is a great example of this. Although the writely tool is still a bit of a kludge, it's a significant move towards a viable collaborative environment (i.e., one that my boss would be willing to spend time in for doing real work, and not just the fault-tolerant techies like myself).

The new one I've just come across is Gliffy. This one allows you to start drawing up diagrams and other graphics, sharing and playing with it at the same time with many others, saving in popular file formats, etc. (Cool stuff...)

The only question left in my mind is when it will be that any one of the GYM companies (I'll leave it to you smart readers to figure out what that acronym might mean--it's three different companies who are each big in the online space...) will be either buying them and/or doing the same thing themselves.

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Debi K said...

Thanks for the comments about Gliffy. We appreciate the compliments and hope you are enjoying using it! Let us know what you think of our new site: www.gliffy.com
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