Sunday, January 21, 2007

What it's Really All About...

So, despite all of the time we spend convincing our bosses and spouses that we're working on this cyberlaw stuff because it has deep and overarching meaning for the future of the world, we all know better, right?

It's because we get to hang out on the Web long enough to eventually find out how to turn metal parts out of old floppy disks into models of the Starship Enterprise.

I'll expect to see at least 50 of these when we meet in Little Rock. (Be careful -- Sharp edges! And, from the wiki -- "Warning: Do not attempt to place your new model into a floppy disk drive.")

[props to Lifehacker]


Michael Fleming said...

I've already heard from one of your fellow members, and there's at least one Enterprise on its way down to Little Rock. Will you be the one who doesn't have one???

Anonymous said...

Responsible cyberlawyers will construct this model only with the duct tape left over from sealing up your home and office for the next Orange Alert (which could be triggered by someone misconstruing a picture of the model...)

John G