Sunday, January 28, 2007

Swedish Embassy in Second Life

Proving yet again, that our meetings cover the most timely of topics, I read a news blurb on the world's best Blog, Boing Boing, that the Swedish Institute, an agency of the Swedish foreign ministry, will be establishing an embassy in Second Life. And we thought we were being avante garde by talking about the tax implications of gigs like Second Life.

Just think of the legal issues surrounding the establishment of an embassy: Passports, Visas, even requests for Asylum. Let's do a joint program with the Immigration Section of the ABA.

Here are links if you'd like to read more:

Boing Boing Post
Swedish News Article
The Swedish Insitute

Yag tale inte Svenska. (Which I think means, "I Love Sweden," but my Swedish is a bit rough.)


William R. Denny said...

It means "I don't speak Swedish." Good try, Michael.

Michael McGuire said...

So, you got the joke. Thanks for noticing.

Martina said...

...and it's actually spelled:
"Jag talar inte Svenska"sorry, I don't get the joke. :-/