Monday, January 29, 2007

EFF's Internet Law Treatise

We were joined at WWM this year by Lee Tien, Senior Staff Attorney at the Electronic Freedom Foundation. Lee sat in and added his own and his organization's point of view to many of our discussions, and we all look forward to more time with him in the future. You can pick up a bit of Lee's own bio by scrolling down on the EFF's staff page at

Lee pointed out to me that the EFF is currently in the process of drafting its own wiki-based summary of Internet law, currently housed at The Internet Law Treatise is a project to maintain a treatise summarizing the law related to the Internet with the cooperation of a wide variety of attorneys, law students and others. It is apparently based on an earlier publication issued by the Perkins Coie firm from 2003, which has allowed EFF to run with this on the proviso that we all acknowledge that Perkins is not responsible for the results. (In a sense, this is quite similar to how Prof. Larry Lessig has issued a 2nd edition of his famous Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace, known as Codev2, which was largely developed by others working on top of the 1st edition through a wiki set up by Prof. Lessig.)

The EFF's project is not officially sanctioned by the Committee, nor do we participate in it as an ABA effort. But, we are happy to pass on Lee's request that we let our members know about this, since we are certainly not the only game in this town. If you are interested, contact Kurt Opsahl at the EFF for information on getting access to the wiki for participation. (And, let us know if you get involved!)

UPDATE: Kurt himself just contacted me to remind me to remind you that the current draft you see of the Internet Law Treatise is most definitely a beta, and should be read with that in mind -- Which demonstrates the need for good lawyers to come in and assist!

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