Friday, January 26, 2007

CAIT "blog-policy" project

The CAIT subcommittee discussed (09:00-11:00 today) the question of company-related blogs (both "official" and unofficial, including employee off-company blogs), and the related legal exposure issues. Steve Hollman prepared a good collection of related news and materials, and others (Will Suchan and Robt. McKew) sketched specific implications for speciality employers (i.e., the US Military, and outside law firms, respectively). Vince Polley referenced a 2002 ABA book on "Employee Use of the Internet & E-Mail (a model corporate policy)" which pre-dates blogs, wikis, podcasts, IMs, and VoIP exchanges; this book is ripe for an update.

The group determined to pursue a possible panel program at the ABA Annual Meeting in San Francisco this coming August on this subject, with an objective of producing material that can be integrated into an update of this ABA book. The program presentations (e.g., in PowerPoint) would be designed to be re-deliverable by audience members to other, downstream audiences (with detailed speakers notes, ancillary materials, and audio-recording of the August presentation).

As a first matter, the group will refine a list of possible legal issues (prepared by Steve Hollman), and begin to build a list of possible panel participants who would help build the internal program-application to Candace. If you're interested in participating, please contact Steve Hollman or Bill Denny.

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