Monday, November 27, 2006

Cyberspace Law: We're More than Just Website Advisors!

From today's WSJ Law Blog, on the pending changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure regarding electronic evidence:

Alvin Lindsay, a partner with Hogan & Hartson, laid out for the WSJ the implications of the new rules. “Lawyers will now have to know about their clients’ computer architecture: How do they store their data? How do their computer systems operate? This is not something they teach in law school.”

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Gosh -- Doesn't that sound like what the Cyberspace Committee has been teaching its members since, oh, let's see--ABOUT A DECADE?

Folks from this committee who are in private practice: If you have not already made your presence and depth of knowledge known to your own firm's litigators, you are missing a great opportunity. This is one of the better 'convergence' moments in our history, so go take advantage of it!

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