Tuesday, September 05, 2006

U.S. District Court Takes Judicial Notice that Computer Services Stink

OK -- They never quite said it that way. But, how else can a cynic like me interpret this quote?

Although issues may have arisen as to the services provided, there is no plain, clear language in the Service Agreement requiring NBS to implement a system free of bugs without opportunity to remedy technical problems. Reading this type of requirement into any contract involving computers or software would render virtually every provider of computer services or software in breach of their contracts.

That might seem to make sense at first blush, but how much is that true just because we've become so used to it? Try substituting "airplane passenger service" in place of 'computers and software' in that last sentence -- No court would ever say such a thing. Why is such an important sector of our economy still working under a lax standard of care after many decades of opportunity to standardize systems and interconnections (usually the first excuses given for why a new IT widget won't work in anybody's environment)? (Note that the provider was quick to resort to the courts to enforce it's side of the bargain...)

The decision out of the USDC for Minnesota can be read here.

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