Saturday, August 05, 2006

Receptions Receptions Receptions

The Business Law Section reception was held on Friday evening, poolside at the Marriott Hotel. It was well attended, in spite of the occassional downpour, each of which lasted about a minute (and which seem to be a frequent-enough event that the local people working outside didn't even flinch). Nicely done music accompanied a fairly large group of attendees and some pretty darned-good food.

From there, a group of the Cyberspacers made their way over to Sergio's restaurant, and met with our new friends from the Cades Schutte firm here in Honolulu. Cades partner Martin Hsia, who will be joining our distinguished panel for our Sunday morning presentation on Doing e-Commerce business in the Pacific Rim, hosted many of the other panel members, including Candace Jones, Prof. Chris Kunz, Nick Abrahams, Scott Bain with Martin Hsia on the far right in the picture below.


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