Monday, August 07, 2006

Final CLC Program of the Meeting

The last of the programs co-sponsored by CLC was held this morning -- "You Had a Security Breach, What Do You Have to Do and What Happens Next?," which was presented by the Consumer Financial Services Committee and co-sponsored by Cyberspace and the Committee on Banking Law. Our own Bob Ledig, seated on the right of the podium area, helped to prepare the panel of experts.

Two representatives from the government enforcement branches (neither of whom, as we all know all too well, was speaking on behalf of either or their respective government entities) helped lay the groundwork for the enforcement authority as well as developing laws in the 'notification of breach' arena (now known as NOB amongst those in the know). A forensic expert took us through many of the preparations that a business should be doing in advance of a problem as well as once the breach has occurred. Finally, an attorney who practices in defending companies who are being sued after a breach has occurred spoke (reminding us that not many of these cases have succeeded as of yet, frequently on the basis that the harm has not come into actuality).

Paper materials ran out early, but Business Section members can download their own copy here. Julie Brill's materials, which provide a great summary, among other things, of the current NOB laws, were updated after the publication date for the CLE materials -- I will be posting a copy of an updated version of those materials here once I receive it.

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