Thursday, August 03, 2006

Aloha from Honolulu!

The ABA Annual Meeting kicks off today, with many of our members arriving later today (Thursday). Your intrepid reporter arrived last night Hawaii time, which his body reminded him was actually quite late in back-at-home time. It's pretty warm for the islands -- About 90 degrees yesterday for a high, and probably similar today, so hardly the relief from the mainland's heat wave that we might have hoped for. Nonetheless, who's to complain while here?

The first event that many of us attended is the opening reception Thursday afternoon for the Business Section members held at the Convention Center (a modest bus ride from our primary hotel...). It was nice to have a time to view the displays without the crowds, and meet with our friends. Below, Michael Fleming, Judith Rinearson, Michael Power, Candace Jones, Rae Cogar, Juliet Moringiello and Vince Polley.

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Warren Agin said...

You all look way too relaxed. :~(

-Warren Agin