Monday, July 31, 2006

XML Automation -- Still on its way?

Dow Jones Newswires reports that a group of technology companies has published a draft of new specifications intended to improve the use of extensible markup language, or XML. "The group plans to submit the draft specification, called Service Modeling Language or SML, to an industry standards organization later this year. The new specifications aim to provide an improved means of expressing how computer networks and other IT resources are described in XML, so businesses can more easily manage the services that are built on these resources.
Companies publishing the draft included BEA Systems Inc., BMC Software Inc., Cisco Systems Inc., Dell Inc., EMC Corp., Hewlett-Packard Inc., IBM Corp., Intel Corp., Microsoft Corp., and Sun Microsystems Inc. "

The Committee has had many programs on similar topics going back for many years, including interesting discussions in the Winter Working Meeting this year in Wilmington. Members of the Committee are directly involved in these and similar efforts, including Jamie Clark who is with the Oasis organization (one of those 'industry standards organizations' mentioned above).

Yet another reason to keep up your contacts with this committee -- We not only anticipate the future, but we're there to implement it!

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