Saturday, April 08, 2006

We {heart} Ziff

Sometime around 2001 as I was walking from one subsubsubworking group to another, at the Cyberspace Winter Working Group meeting at the DC Capital Hilton, I ran into this woman who was cruising the emptying room picking up the handout at the end of a session. (You know, the I-was-in-one- meeting-but-there-was- this-other-one- I-really-wanted-to-see- so-I-dropped-by-the-room -to-see-if-they-left- any-handouts ABA scavenger hunt. C'mon, don't tell me you don't do it too.) Literally ran into her, and I think I had to pick up the pile of paper we both dropped. I gave her the short version:

(insert Polley inflection here, boots optional) "Cyberspace Committee, ABA, Internet, all kinds of new law, e-commerce good, people good, fun good, publications pretty good."

I got most of the details wrong -- a point of which she still reminds me ("you said it was TWO years as chair! You LIED!") pretty much every ABA meeting -- but we hit it off anyway. Only thing I did right was to reflexively reach out to a newcomer. But hey, she bought it -- and became a wonderful leader, key Cyberspace author, replaced me and outdid me, and herself became the incubator of a bunch of additional really good leaders.

Today is her last day as E-Commerce Committee chair and we should celebrate her successes. Luckily someone booked us into a Cuban bar for dinner tonight... See you in Ybor City.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for that flattering tribute, Jamie. It's nice to have you back on "active duty" with the Committee. If I seem smart, it's only because the humor, energy, and brilliance of this group has rubbed off on me! With much gratitute, Elaine