Friday, April 07, 2006

Open Source

Yesterday's session on Open Source in Mergers & Acquisitions took a seemingly highly technical topic and revealed it to be one that transactional counsel need to learn about, because their clients deals already involve hidden risks from the undisclosed presence of Open Source software. Panel was excellent, and endeavored to pack into two hours what it needed three hours to address. For those who have been nodding off when Open Source was mentioned as if it were some fringe geeky activity, the Panelists made clear that all software engineers now graduating are trained to use Open Source code and that almost all companies (particularly those with Web sites) are making substantial use of such code, which carries with it license compliance obligations that few senior executives are aware of, pointing up a new task for counsel to bridge a gap between management and the IT personnel.

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Michael Fleming said...

And, with that, let's welcome our newest ABA-CYBERSPACE blogger Roland Trope! Roland has always proven to have detailed observations on our committee's work, and I am looking forward to reading more of his entries.