Friday, April 07, 2006

Model Trading Partner Agreement

One highlight of the MTPA meeting was the return of long-time member Jamie Clark, who has been away from our last few meetings. All of us in CLC are happy to have Jamie back.

The meeting began at 8 AM, with the core people as well as the ABA publications group represented. Discussion focused on the continuing need to move the project forward and some of the difficulties that have kept this from coming to full fruition. We confirmed that the publications group would still like to see this move forward, particularly given that there continues to be demand for the original product from the early 1990s that focused solely on EDI.

Debates focused on concerns of whether the project should focus on the seller/buyer relationship (as in the original product), should focus instead on the 'network' relationship between the seller, the buyer and the provider of the communications mechanisms (somewhat akin to the relationship between licensor, licensee and a software escrow company), or some variation thereof.

Prof. Ben Beard left with a clear sense that the project will move forward. Please get in touch with Ben if you are interested in participating.

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