Thursday, April 06, 2006

E-Commerce Subcommittee

The E-Commerce Subcommittee held its meeting on Thursday afternoon, and previewed a great new tool for generating discussion. More on that below.

Elaine Ziff opened the meeting by thanking the Subcommittee for allowing her to be the Chair, as her term is soon to come to an end. Prof. Ben Beard will be taking over Elaine's chair this August.

Elaine took a few minutes to go over recent cases of interest, particularly focusing on the recent advertising keyword cases -- Pointing out that we seem to have a split between various courts that feel a keyword either is or is not a 'use' under trademark law. This promises to remain a hot topic.

Prof. Chris Kunz then opened up the new roundtabling method -- rather than picking a single topic to brownbag, she invited a handful of members to 'prime' discussions by raising some (sometimes provacative) points in the hope that other members in attendance would pick up on a point and run with it. Hank Judy spoke of his growing sense that the Cyberspace world was better explained through a property law analysis than the long-standing presumption that there is such a thing as a 'virtual' world. A cynical fellow sitting next to Hank opined to the opposite. Roland Trope, Candace Jones and Steve Middlebrook also joined in with their different topics. With that -- the discussion was off, and it was clear that this room could have kept going for yet another hour. Too bad -- We had to vacate at 2 PM.

Chris suggested that we had not seen the last of that format for roundtabling -- Look for it again in Hawaii!

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