Saturday, April 08, 2006

Cyberspace Committee leadership changes

Candace this morning reported some subcommittee leadership changes:
1. Ben Beard succeeds Elaine Ziff as co-chair (with Chris Kunz) of the Electronic Contracting wubcommittee. Ben will have a challenge filling Elaine's shoes (in so many ways).
2. In Electronic Financial Services, Bob Ledig is rotating off as chair (but rotating into a new role as chair of the Joint Privacy Task Force, whose other parent committees are Banking and Consumer Financial Services). Bob will be succeeded by co-chairs Judy Rinearson (of Bryan Cave) and John Morgan (of Amazon, and who's return the the Cyberspace committee comes after a brief, six-year hiatus).
3. In the Electronic Payments Working Group, Steve Middlebrook (of the Treasury) will be joining as co-chair to help Sarah Janes Hughes (of Indiana Law School).
4. In CAIT (which the poster initially created out of whole cloth in 1997), Bill Denny (of Potter Anderson) will be joining as co-chair to help Don Cohn (of Dupont).
5. Lisa Lifschitz (of the Gowlings incursion, officed in Toronto) will succeed (but never replace) Jackie Scheib as chair of the Membership subcommittee.
6. UPDATE: Kristine Dorrain, from the National Arbitration Foundation in Minneapolis, will be Co-Chair of the Intellectual Property Subcommittee, taking over Eric Goldman's seat at the end of his term.

(I may have missed a couple -- I'm simply acting as a reporter here -- changes and corrections surely will appear as time goes by.)

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Candace Jones said...

Vince has, indeed, reported these transitions accurately. On behalf of the Committee, I express sincere thanks to Elaine, Bob and Jackie who have served the Committee admirably during their tenures. I also appreciate the enthusiasm of everyone stepping into new roles.