Saturday, April 08, 2006

Corporate Aspects of Information Technology (CAIT)

The CAIT subcommittee met on Saturday morning, chaired by standing Chair Don Cohn. First order of business, Don introduced the incoming new Co-Chair Bill Denny of Potter Anderson in Wilmington. Don and Bill have worked together for many years, and are looking forward to carrying on their work in the Committee.

Don ran through a number of projects that are in various stages of life, and made sure that potential participants knew that their mission was to get in touch with Bill or Don and get their wishes known.
  • An M&A checklist for IT concerns (Bruce Doeg & Bill Denny are leading the charge.) Can we assist the business community to understand the issues in IT that will come up in their deals? How can we get experienced lawyers in line when these deals come up?
  • How can the IT purchasing community start to get vendors to take contractual responsibility for the security breaches caused by their products?
  • Corporate-sponsored blogs -- Can we produce a product to advise counsel on analyzing the risks of issuing corporate-sponsored content via 'blogs' (or any of the other non-traditional mechanisms that we see now or that will surely be invented soon).
  • Corporate rules on how to filter incoming e-mail going to employees -- The USA perspective is essentially that the employer is in total control of this, but EU and other jurisdictions feel differently. How can a company that crosses boundaries have a viable policy?
Please get in touch with Don or Bill if you have any interest in adding efforts to any of the above.

Participants in the CAIT subcommittee meeting (chaired ably as always by Don Cohn)

Candace Jones and Vince Polley

(photos by Roland Trope)

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