Thursday, April 06, 2006

Connectivity, Storage and Computing Infrastructure

David Satola and Richard Keck, co-chairs of the Connectivity, Storage and Computing Infrastructure subcommittee, offer the following:
Following is a description of progress the CSCI sub-committee has made since WWM '06 and our future work plan.

At the WWM in Wilmington, the CSCI sub-committee was joined by Mike Jerbic of the Security Forum of Open Group to explore possibilities for collaboration between CSCI and the Security Forum on a white paper on network security. Since the WWM, we have been working on a draft outline of the paper, which has gone through 3 iterations. We have also had a number of conference calls with the Security Forum on the subject, with our next one scheduled for April 6.

Although the co-chairs are unable to attend the Spring Meeting in Tampa, the subcommittee has scheduled an all day working session on April 28 in Washington, DC that is contemporaneous with a meeting of the Open Group also scheduled in Washington earlier that week. We intend to progress the draft outline to a pre-beta draft of the white paper. We intend to discuss a more advanced draft of the white paper with the subcommittee in Honolulu. We will also be planning a program either for the Spring or annual meeting in '07.

Any subcommittee members who wish to have a copy of the draft outline, or who would like more information regarding the April 28 meeting in DC, should get in touch with Richard or David. The draft outline was prepared by Mike Jerbic, in consultation with Richard and David.

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