Tuesday, March 21, 2006

GPL Wins to Fight Another Day

The folks at Groklaw alerted us that the antitrust lawsuit that had been brought against the Free Software Foundation claiming that it's GNU General Public License was an instrument of anti-competitive tendencies was dismissed recently. The judge even barred the plaintiff from filing again after he had four chances to file a Complaint. The order can be found here.

I think Groklaw goes a bit too far to suggest that this is some vindication of the validity or enforceability of the GPL -- After all, the judge did not stray from discussing how the lawsuit failed to describe a palpable Sherman Act claim, and never really did get into the document itself. That said, it's some recognition that the agreement exists, which I am sure will mean something to somebody.

In any event, it's also a good time to remind you, gentle readers, that the Committee is putting on a presentation at the Tampa meeting regarding free and open source software, particularly focusing on the corporate law aspects of how to do deals where one or more of the participants has open source in the house. Check out our info down here...

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