Thursday, February 16, 2006

Polley's MIRLN Out for February 2006

Vince's latest edition of MIRLN is up. This effort from our past-Chair is always a great read, since he's filtered out the small stuff and left us with the major stories that all of us should have at our fingertips. CLC members should already have received a copy in their own inboxes via the CLCC-MEMS mailing list. (If for some reason that isn't working for you, get on to your MYABA page at ABANET.ORG and start hacking away on your profiles.) All others, members or not, are welcome to view the newsletter on Vince's site, and he provides instructions on how to subscribe.

In this issue, Vince featured a story from Business Insurance magazine regarding Internet Insurance issues and the gaps in coverage that are provided via standard CGL and other 'typical' business policies. Coincidence of coincidences -- The Cyberspace Committee's own Subcommittee on Corporate Aspects of Information Technology (CAIT) is presenting a two hour seminar on more or less that very topic this April at the Tampa Spring Business Section Meeting! If you haven't already signed up for the meeting and planned to join your fellow lawyers, why not? Check it out here. Note that the original two hotels have already filled up -- ABA has secured additional space though in a nearby hotel, at a great rate for Tampa, so you have no excuses.

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