Friday, February 03, 2006

Internet Jurisdiction and Global e-Commerce Subcommittee

The Internet Jurisdiction and Global e-Commerce Subcommittee met in Wilmington as part of the Winter Working Meeting, last Friday, January 27, in the morning and afternoon. We discussed international conventions that might affect an Asia-Pacific electronic transaction; practical and policy considerations relating to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) that might do likewise; and drafting non-compete clauses in an era of borderless communications.

A report of our discussions is on the Subcommittee homepage is here.

The Subcommitte homepage itself is here.

Comments on any of this material welcome. In particular:

- Contributions to the VoIP program for the Annual Meeting should be addressed to Konrad Trope or Kristie Prinz.
- Ideas for use of the Subcommittee's time in Tampa in April would be welcome. We have an hour as ourselves, and Hal Burman's International Policy working group has an additional hour.

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