Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Open Thread: Ride Sharing

Please post to the comments for this posting if you wish to try and find others to share rides to and/or from the airport. If you do so, please be sure to give your own e-mail address, since you will need to be chatting amongst yourselves at that point. It will be helpful if you let others know when your plane is arriving and/or when your plane is departing.


John Lunseth said...

I will be arriving Philadelphia International Airport, January 26 10:53 PM EST Northwest. Would just take a cab unless someone wants to share.

John Gregory said...

I am renting a car Thursday evening about 7 p.m. (flight is scheduled to arrive about 6:30). I'd be happy for company and small contribution to expenses TBD but cheaper than a cab.

John Gregory

Phillip Schmandt said...

I arrive Thursday, January 26 at 8:17 and depart Saturday afternoon at 1:50. I take great pride in always finding a way to take public transport in from airports, but appear to have been confounded here! Anyone wanting to share van, taxi or rent car please let me know. Cheers to all,

Richard Newman said...

I arrive Thursday at 5pm and depart at 1:40pm on Saturday. I am planning to take the Delaware Express Shuttle ($40 each way; I've been told that a cab is in excess of $60). If anyone else is interested call 800-648-5466 to make reservations (which are required).

I would prefer to share a cab/rental with someone else if flight schedule is reasonably close. Please contact me at
rnewman@mayerbrownrowe.com or 312-701-8468 if interested.

Richard Newman

Francoise Gilbert said...

I arrive at 7:46 on Thursday, and leave at 1:34 on Saturday. I would be happy to share a ride with Philip Schmandt - see 2 postings above - but cannot find a way to contact him.
Philp, please email me or call me.
Others with similar schedule are also welcome to contact me.

Francoise Gilbert

Richard Keck said...

I arrive PHL (Delta gate) at 3:42pm Thursday and depart PHL (Delta gate) at 12:40 pm Saturday. Would be happy to share cab or other transport on either leg of journey.

Richard Keck
404 253 6950

Irwin Schwartz said...

I suggest using Delaware Express (like Super Shuttle), which is about half the cost of a cab and is fairly punctual. (800) 648-5466.

Kristie Prinz said...

I arrive at 4:24 p.m. in Philadelphia on Thursday, and leave at 3:30 p.m. from Philadelphia on Saturday. I would be happy to share a cab or shuttle with anyone who will be arriving/departing at a similar time. I can be reached at kprinz@prinzlawoffice.com and my cell phone numbers are 408.608.8911 and 404.964.8232.

Kristie Prinz
408.374.2512 (bus)

Chris Kunz said...

I'm looking for someone staying over until Sunday morning, with whom to share a ride to the airport. My plane leaves at 8:25 am on Sunday, so I probably would be leaving by 7 am. Any takers?
---Chris Kunz
W 651-290-6340
H 651-699-7729
cell 651-402-2789

Anonymous said...

I'm supposed to arrive on Thursday at PHL at 9:46 pm and will be picking up a rental car at the airport. Please leave a VM on my cell at 206-351-0851 if you want me to look for you at the airport before I leave as I may not have access to email tomorrow while in transit.

My flight departs PHL at 3:40 Saturday.

Jane Winn jkwinn1@u.washington.edu