Friday, January 27, 2006

Internet Governance

We decided to try a new method to cover an issue that clearly touches on multiple disciplines (in our multi-disciplinary committee) -- The continuing hot topic of Internet governance. The group is currently working to find a theme that ABA and Cyberspace can contribute to the already busy space in this area.

Two of our members (at least!) attended the recent WSIS meeting in Tunisia, and we heard some of their reporting on the event. The bulk of the discussion centered on what the Tunis meeting left us to figure out, which is the agreed upon international forum.

UPDATE: As noted in the comments, John Gregory has posted his own summary of the discussion on the Internet Jurisdiction and Global e-Commerce Subcommittee's Web site. Check it out.

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John Gregory said...

A report on the discussion of Internet governance issues is on the Internet Jurisdiction and Global e-Commerce subcommittee's home page. The document is at and the home page itself is at