Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Transport Options to Hotels -- Trains, Cabs and Feet

For those of you coming in through the airports, don't forget that Chicago has a pretty good train system.

Unfortunately, the Drake and Westin are a bit north of the "Loop" and so they don't quite get to the trains themselves.* Still, a ride on the Blue Line from O'Hare or the Orange Line from Midway, followed by a short (relatively) cheap cab ride to the hotel (Chicago is a "hail a cab" town, so just get out on the curb and gesture wildly), will probably be a money saver compared to cabs all the way from the airport. And, speaking from experience, if you come in during any rush periods the trains will often get you downtown faster (particularly from O'Hare), even with the transfer to a cab at the end of the ride.

* If you really want to go on the train all the way, you can transfer to the Red Line, which is a subway that connects from the Loop trains -- watch the signs and figure out how to do the transfer. However, you'll have about a 7 block walk to go from the Chicago Street stop on the Red Line to get to the Drake Hotel.

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