Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Intelligentsia--This Year's Coffee Event

To keep up with the tradition, I am scheduling a "Coffee Event" for interested members and friends of the Committee while we're in Chicago. Intelligentsia, a "famous" Chicago espresso shop is only 3.4 miles up LakeShore Drive from the Drake Hotel.

Those of you who've joined me on these coffee excursions in the past know that I try to seek out only the best espresso, and this year's destinatin should meet or exceed that standard. Barristas from Intelligentsia recently took first, second, fourth, and fifth place in the Great Lakes Regional Barrista Championship. And, Intelligentsia was selected Best of Chicago in the annual Citysearch poll. People, we're in for some good espresso.

I'll review the schedule, poll some of our members, and select a good time slot for the visit. As of now, I think a good time would be after the Committee Dinner on Saturday night. Use the Comment feature if you'd like to offer up an alternative time slot.

Here are some links if you're interested in learning more:
Intelligentsia Coffee House
Directions from the Drake to Intelligentsia's Broadway Store
CitySearch.Com's Poll Results on Coffee Houses
Intelligentsia's Articles on Latte Art

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