Saturday, August 06, 2005

CLE PROGRAM: Sailing in Dangerous Waters

E. Michael Power, Roland Trope, Francoise Gilbert

The panel members used the metaphor of a submarine to describe data management and its risks to members of boards of directors. The panel provided a good overview of the various sources of law that make data security an increasingly important issue for companies. Moreover, the panel argued for increased attention to these issues by Boards of Directors of large and small companies.

This session demonstrated how data, its management, and security, is a common thread that runs through many of the programs at this year's meeting. The lack of attention to data management is a common source of many coroprate challenges:

  • data privacy issues
  • the difficulty of many companies to cope with the challenges of ediscovery
  • data security breaches and the obligation to notify consumers of the breaches

Michael Power made my favorite comment of the session. To paraphrase: "You can batten every hatch on your boat, and it's still going to get in. That's what bilge pumps are for. Data is just like water. You may think you've got a handle on where your data is stored and how it is secured, but, just like water, it goes everywhere."

Seminar Materials are available here. [ABA ID Required]

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