Friday, April 01, 2005

Meanwhile, Back on the Official Site

Props to Jim Frey and his co-horts at the ABA, who have done an outstanding job of putting the Spring Meeting schedule online.

So what you say? That's been done for years, right?

Not so fast, pardner. Look here at the interactive version. The schedule is now organized so you can look up by date, by Committee, or just limited to CLE programs. As you page through the programs, you can find full descriptions and the like, as well as links to the PDF files with the written materials where appropriate.

Best of all -- the thing is now updated in (essentially) real time. The paper slips with the changes to the meetings? No longer needed (although they continue to be posted). You can always check in and see what's next, and if the meeting has been changed, you'll see it online. There's even a section for cancelled meetings, which is updated as news arrives during the meeting.

What's next? I suggest the guys get to work on -- No longer will I need to transpose the sessions I want to attend from a paper book over to my computer calendar -- I'd like it to help me put together an itinerary for my days at the meeting (pointing out conflicts and the like), and then once I've figured it out, I could upload it all to my computer's calendar and/or phone and/or whatever. And, of course, if any changes occur in my chosen meetings, the thing would buzz my phone to let me know.

(I can dream, can't I?)

In the meantime, outstanding work guys and gals at the Association! Thanks!

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