Friday, April 01, 2005

Blogging The CLCC Plenary Session

Vince, Candace and John (of Jones, Polley and Lunseth, LLP) opened the Spring Meeting plenary session for the Cyberspace Committee. We learned of the programs that are occurring here in Nashville, discussed the dinner coming up on Saturday night, and plugged the continuing need for publication materials.

Candace, Vince and John Posted by Hello

The Annual Meeting in Chicago, this coming August, will feature at least 3 main programs from CLCC and one hour-long forum. We have one of the main programs set already -- a very timely discussion of outsourcing concerns that will feature a star panel of lawyers including an attorney from India who will speak to the issues from his own perspective. There are other slots that are officially 'open' still -- but time is coming short on making final decisions, so those who are interested in getting a slot should get proposals to John Lunseth post haste.

Vince announced a couple of leadership issues. Mike McGuire has relinquished his role as the publication head, and the committee is soliciting volunteers for taking over the position (finishing the current term and presumably as well as picking up with the new 3 year cycle this coming August.) The committee thanks Mike for his hard work, so long as he continues to promise his efforts towards this blog going forward.

Finally, speaking of the new 3 year cycle coming up, Vince's term as The Boss is coming to a close as of August. The incoming chair of the Business Section appoints the Committee chair, and Vince was pleased to announce the appointment of Candace to take over the chair as of August. Applause. All of us should be sure to congratulate Candace on her new appointment -- and volunteer your respective behinds into assisting her with this huge task!

And with that -- We cut the Plenary short to allow enough time for the Committee Forum that followed.

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