Thursday, March 31, 2005

A View of Nashville

The Ryman Auditorium -- Original home of the Grand Ole Opry -- and just across the street from our meeting space. Nashville has wonderful weather for those of us from the northern climes -- and you can see plenty of greenspace all over the downtown areas! Posted by Hello

An Early Start for Some of Us

Thursday is the official opening of the Business Law Section's meeting, but the bulk of the CLCC meetings are taking place on Friday and Saturday. However, many of us are already here, and some presentations are already underway.

A group of five -- Jackie Scheib, Candace Jones, Bruce Doeg, Juliet Moringello, and yours truly, joined together to speak to the Young Lawyers Division's day-long seminar. Believe it or not, the group managed to compress the entire body of Internet and Cyberspace Law into 90 minutes. Hopefully, we've planted the seeds for the next group of cybernauts to join us down the road.

While not actually a Cyberspace function, our own Christina Kunz worked her UCC Committee beat with a well-attended and well-received panel discussion on the theory of indemnity clauses, good drafting tactics, and other practice tips. The panel suggested that it was the tech arena where the indemnity clause stepped outside of its traditional usage -- mainly in the construction business. Having done tech contracting for so long, we may not realize that many of us are well ahead of the rest of the non-tech practitioners when it comes to the indemnity section in our contracts. (Even so -- We all could learn. I took away some information on the necessity for nexus in a private indemnity clause -- the idea that an enforceable indemnity clause needs to have a provable nexus between the covered claims and the contract itself. One of those little things that you might do already -- using words like "that arise out of" for example -- but we might not know exactly why that is important. Consequences of failing to do that? For one thing, you might get nailed for engaging in the practice of issuing insurance policies without a license...) Materials are available here (ABA membership required).

The evening was highlighted with a Welcome Reception at the Country Music Hall of Fame. Like last year's opening night at the Seattle Rock & Roll museum, the museum was open for the gathered to wander as they wished, and the main hall was open for meeting with old friends and listening to live music. (Guess what kind of music?)

Things get going in earnest tomorrow -- If you aren't here, we'll try to continue the tradition of live-blogging from some of the meetings, particularly the main committee meeting between 9 and 10 Central Time.

From the home of the Grand Ole Opry, Goodnight.

Cyberspace Law Committee Schedule

I marked up the Master chronological schedule for the Spring Meeting and highlighted in yellow all the Cyberspace Law Committee meetings. I also annotated the schedule to identify cancellations of meetings.

You can review the annotated schedule here.

Spring Meeting Schedule for Business Law Section

The ABA Website has the following scheduling information for the meeting:

2005 Spring Meeting Online Program Book


Alphabetical Schedule of Committees and Subcommittees

Master Chronological Schedule of Events

Program Schedule of Events

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Schedule Changes

Working Group on International Policy (Saturday at 11:00 a.m.)
This Working Group has arranged to meet jointly with the International Coordinating Committee (ICC) from 11:00-11:30. The joint session will take place in the room scheduled for the ICC, Convention Center, 2d Floor, Room 202. After the joint session, the Working Group will probably remain in Room 202 to finish its meeting. Signs will be posted at the scheduled meeting room, Convention Center, 2d Floor, Room 211.

Electronic Commerce Subcommittee (Friday at 1:30):
A new project has been proposed -- formulating a Model Electronic Data Agreement (governing data held by third-party service providers). The project proposal is attached as a Word file. Members of the Electronic Commerce Subcommittee will have more information about this project.

Working Group on Electronic Payment Systems (Thursday at 1:30):
This Subcommittee will not meet.

Connectivity, Storage and Computing Infrastructure (Saturday at 2:00 p.m.):
This Subcommitee will not meet.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Spring Meeting Is Here

The Business Law Section of the ABA will have it's annual Spring Meeting this week in Nashville, Tennessee. I'll be absent for this meeting, but Michael Fleming and the other members of the crew will keep the blog alive in my absence. I'll finally get a chance to see what it's like to follow the meeting from afar via the Blog.

If you're interested in posting during the meeting, post a comment to this entry, and we'll take care of it.

-Michael McGuire