Thursday, January 27, 2005

Whither Internet Explorer

So far, only 87% of our visitors are running Internet Explorer. The remainder are running Firefox or Apple's Safari.

Read the cover story on the latest issue of Wired about the birth and rapid growth of the new Firefox browser. Ahem....note the Minnesota connection.

Download Firefox. Just try not to download it using our WiFi connection at Stanford. You'll consume too much bandwidth.

Warren Agin has the Firefox file on a USB Flash Drive.


Warren Agin said...

If you want to try Firefox, see me. I have the install file on a flash drive.

-Warren Agin

Jim said...

You may also want to try PDF Creator:

It's the open source version of Acrobat. If all you need to do is print a document to a PDF file, PDF Creator will do it for free!

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