Friday, January 28, 2005

Vince Polley speaks at the Opening Plenary

Vince Polley -- Grand PooBah of the Committee, speaks to the plenary session of the CLCC WWM on January 28, 2005

Vince pointed out that membership continues to grow -- we are currently at 1660 listed members in the Committee, an increase of 20% over the last year.

Candace Jones then updated us on the committee's primary information repository on all of our various and sundry project -- the "MATRIX." (No, not the Matrix.) She reminded all of the group leaders that they MUST get updates on their respective matrix entries to her regularly and quickly after the meetings. Please help us in this regard, because the Project Matrix is one of our primary resources when recruiting new members.

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Bill Denny said...

We're in the deep freeze here on the east coast. I hope your meeting is going well, and wish I was there. Feel free to assign me a couple of projects.

Let us know on the blog how many are attending, and how many are first-timers v. repeat attendees.