Saturday, January 29, 2005

Survey Ideas

By brainstorming with several of the members of different Subcommittees we've devised the following list of topic ideas for the Survey. Please add to the list. The general idea is to create Survey articles this year that a more broad than they are deep and that provide general business law practitioners with an update on developments in key areas of Cyberspace Law. Space is limited, and we'll need to narrow down the field quite a bit.

See me to talk about these topics.

Internet Law
  • eDiscovery developments (Zubulake and new federal rules of ediscovery)
  • J. Westermeier's (sp?) Computer Law Roundup
  • Internet Taxation (Moratorium extension and state taxation of Internet sales of goods)
  • EU Tax issues Electronic Voting

Privacy and Security

  • Disposal rules for consumer data (SEC, FTC, FDIC)
  • State Roundup (e.g. California update on the new mandatory disclosure of security threats, SB1, etc.)
  • RFID (passport technology, Walmart, etc.)
  • FBI Abandoning Carnivore
  • Phishing
  • Case on ECPA (transient memory)
  • HIPAA Security Regs

Financial Services Issues

  • Check 21
  • Electronic payment systems
  • Phishing
  • Fin Srvcs patents

Intellectual Property

  • File Sharing (Grokster, Bittorrent)
  • Jay Monahan speech
  • Adware/Spyware update


  • Spam Updates (German decision, Suits and criminal prosecutions,
  • Regulatory landscape for VOIP
  • Technology export
  • Electronic monitoring of employees
  • Advertising issues (?)


  • UNCITRAL developments
  • Recent defamation claims in UK; competitors
  • Arrest of Amazon guy in India
  • EU Data Privacy Developments (Set 2 of Model clauses, Work Group decisions)
  • EU Taxes

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